I'm a web developer and Linux enthusiast from the Pacific Northwest. I come from traditional schooling in software but after years in the web industry I've found the most satisfaction in modern tech namely node.js, socket.io, react, redux, webpack, babel, and mongodb.

Latest Projects

  • A news aggregator and real-time feed application allowing users to create personalized news feeds. Written in node.js, express.js, MongoDB, Socket.IO, ReactJS, Redux, and Webpack with Babel.

  • A project management web application for software development teams enabling users to create and edit tasks, add them to todo lists and track each other's work by Scrum board. Written in Python using the Django, Neo4j, AngularJS, and Bootstrap.

Tech Interests

Artificial intelligence, mathematics, cryptography, block chains, computer security, data science.

Favorite Programs

arch linux • dwm • urxvt • tmux • zsh • vim • git • irssi